RENEC Foundation officially operates Validator on ONUS Chain

After a period of discussion and technical preparation, on February 26th, 2023, RENEC Foundation officially operated as a Validator on ONUS Chain. From this moment, “RENEC Foundation” Validator will go into operation, accompanying other Validators in executing transactions on ONUS Chain.

With a new Validator on the network, users will have more choices when participating in Staking on ONUS Chain, as well as voting for the future intentions of the network.

As part of the cooperation framework between ONUS Chain and RENEC Foundation, this event marks an important milestone for both parties, promoting the development of 2 blockchains in the coming time.

Stake ONUS on “RENEC Foundation” Validator at:

About RENEC Foundation

Established in 2021, RENEC Foundation is an organization that is oriented to develop and apply blockchain technology widely to life.

RENEC Blockchain is run by the RENEC Foundation, which is a decentralized Layer 1 blockchain platform. With the vision of becoming the blockchain for Web 3.0, RENEC Blockchain supports building decentralized applications (DApps) to solve real-world problems. RENEC Blockchain delivers reliability, safety, and smooth performance by building a flexible and modular blockchain, with the goal of scaling throughput far beyond what popular blockchains typically achieve. , while keeping costs low.


Through the partnership, we welcome the participation of DApps developers, hoping to provide users with the most perfect experience.