Research about NEKO Protocol (NEP)

In order to bring a complete DeFi experience to the community, ONUS Chain is gradually integrating practical Dapps into the network.

As the next project to be implemented in the ecosystem, NEKO Protocol is a versatile DeFi protocol that provides a variety of essential features including:

  • Quick Swap: Quick Swap allows the secure exchange of cryptocurrency and digital assets
  • EVM Bridge: Brings the power of Onus Chain to other blockchains
  • Quiz to Earn: Users who get all the quizzes regarding the cryptocurrency market may win great prizes
  • POW Mining: Miners may buy early mining packages to acquire a large number of NEPs before there are too many halving
  • POS Earning: Another effective option is to stake NEP in order to get high income
  • MLM Referral: The referrer will always obtain lucrative passive revenue sources for inviting new individuals to NEKO Protocol activities

At 14:00 (UTC) on January 5, 2023, NEKO Protocol officially launched its first feature – POW Mining. With this feature, users can own mining packages and participate in mining NEP – the native token of the project.

Besides, referring others to purchase mining packages will also help the referrer earn attractive commissions with the MLM Referrals mechanism.

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About POW Mining 

POW Mining is one of the most important features when it comes to NEKO Protocol. With POW Mining, users can participate in NEP mining by owning mining packages corresponding to the value and mining ability – Terahashes Per Second (Th/s) as follows:

  • Free Pack: 0.20 Th/s
  • Silver Pack (100 USDT): 5 Th/s
  • Golden Pack (400 USDT): 20 Th/s
  • Platinum Pack (1,200 USDT): 60 Th/s
  • Diamond Pack (2,500 USDT): 140 Th/s

All of the above mining packages have a maximum validity period of 1200 days, this period will be increased by 300 days if the 10,000,000 $NEP milestone is reached in the Staking feature.

At the present time, all NEP mined will run on the Off-chain network. Users can perform On-chain transactions upon the latest announcement from NEKO Protocol.

About the Halving mechanism:

The reward per block offered to Neko Protocol miners for processing transactions is cut in half every 120 days. This event is referred to as halving because it halves the rate at which new tokens are released to circulation. Each halving slows the pace of inflation, resulting in an increase in token prices.
New 8,500,000,000 $NEP will be mined in the first 120 days, followed by 120 days of halving production to 4,250,000,000 $NEP.

About MLM Referrals

The MLM Referrals mechanism allows users to receive a commission for successfully referring others using Quiz to Earn and POW Mining features. The referrer will earn USDT every time the referral receives the reward for completing a quiz or buying a mining package, thereby helping to directly increase attractive income.

About Quiz to Earn:

Users (F0) receive a commission equal to 10% of the rewards won by their direct referrals (F1) in the Quiz-to-earn Function.

About POW Mining:

The referrer will receive a commission when those invited to participate own the mining packages as follows:

F3 user buys a mining package worth 1,000 USDT:

  • Commissions level 3 (F2 who invites F3) gets 20%: F2 earns 200 USDT
  • Commissions level 2 (F1 who invites F2) gets 10%: F1 earns 100 USDT
  • Commissions level 1 (F0 who invites F1) gets 5%: F0 earns 50 USDT

Note: The Mining Pack a user has purchased will determine the maximum amount of Commissions they may earn.

About NEKO Protocol (NEP)

NEP is the native token of NEKO Protocol and is used for the following purposes:

  • Quiz-to-Earn Packages Cost
  • EVM Bridge Transfer Fee
  • Materials for POS Earning
  • Mortgaged asset to receive NFT shares
  • Buy NFT shares and collectibles
  • SocialFi – Virtual Vision service fee
  • NEKO Chain Native Coin
  • Required condition for Retroactive
  • Governance Voting – DAO
  • Partner payment service


  • Name: NEKO Protocol
  • Symbol: NEP
  • Platform: ONUS Chain and BNB Chain
  • Type: Utility and Governance
  • Total Supply: 17,000,000,000 NEP

With a variety of features and methods on one platform, NEKO Protocol offers users an ideal choice and complete experience when participating in the Web 3.0 and DeFi space.

The launch of NEKO Protocol will contribute to diversifying the ONUS Chain ecosystem, promoting the development of the next projects.

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