Send Lucky money on ONUS Application

To celebrate 2023 Lunar New Year, the ONUS team introduced a new feature: Lucky Money. ONUS users and partners can use this tool to send lucky money gifts to friends, relatives, and even new friends. Don’t forget to include good wishes for ONUS to assist you in sending to the recipient!

**Please update the app to version 3.4.9 to use the feature.

About Lucky money feature

  • Send lucky money to friends in the ONUS network (Off-chain)
  • Send lucky money to new friends (via the referral link attached to the lucky money)
  • Receive lucky money from friends

How to create Lucky money

You can create one or more Lucky money to send to your friends according to the following instructions:

B1: At the main screen, scroll down to the Applications section and select More. Select the Lucky money feature.

B2: Select “Create envelopes”

Step 3: Enter the necessary information:

  • Choose color
  • Enter the amount of envelopes you want to create
  • Enter the amount per envelope
  • The system will automatically calculate the total amount of lucky money

B4: Select “Create envelopes”. Verify OTP to complete.

You have successfully created lucky money. The corresponding amount is deducted from your main account and transferred to your friend’s account. You can do the same to create envelopes with different colors, amount, and quantities.

How to send Lucky money to friends

  1. If your friend already has an ONUS account, you can send lucky money as an Off-chain transfer. As follows:

B1: At the Lucky money feature, select the envelope you want to send. Select “Send lucky money”

B2: Select the friends in the contacts or enter the recipient’s phone number/email/ONUS ID. You can choose 1 or more friends.

B3: Enter the wishes you want to send with the lucky money.

B4: Select “Send now”. You have successfully sent lucky money.

  1. If your friends do not have an ONUS account, you can still give them lucky money by sharing the lucky money link. As follows:

B1: At the Lucky money feature, select the envelope you want to send. Select “Share”

B2: You can share lucky money in 3 ways:

  • Method 1: Select “Download” the QR code image containing your lucky money.
  • Method 2: Copy and share the referral link or app download link (with code and lucky money).
  • Method 3: Select “Share” to share lucky money directly to friends or social networks.

Accordingly, users who register an ONUS account via these sharing links will become a referrer under your name, and will receive lucky money after completing advanced KYC.


  • Receiving lucky money via shared link only applies to new users (who have not registered an ONUS account before the time of receiving lucky money).
  • If the shared link contains more than one envelopes, the first to complete account registration and advanced KYC will receive the lucky money until the amount of envelopes is depleted.
  • When all the lucky money has been received, the lucky money link becomes a regular referral link.

How to receive Lucky money

After receiving the lucky money from your friends, you can open the envelope in the following way:

B1: Access the Lucky money feature. Select “Received”. All lucky money you received will be displayed here.

B2: Select the envelope to open the lucky money.

B3: Successfully received lucky money. This amount will be automatically added to your account.

ONUS wishes you luck in receiving lots of lucky money and best wishes as you prepare for a prosperous New Year!