Sharing is Caring: Cashback 20% for ONUS Holders

In order to spread the ownership of ONUS tokens to everyone, starting today September 29th 2022, ONUS officially launched the campaign “Sharing is Caring”. When participating in the campaign, investors can own ONUS tokens and participate in ONUS Shares with a 20% cashback.

Through this campaign, each user will have the opportunity to become an owner of the ONUS platform and receive a 20% share of revenue from ONUS’ business.

Program rules

  • The campaign officially launched on September 29th 2022, applicable to all users who own less than 10 ONUS tokens in the main wallet before 17:00 UTC September 24th 2022.
  • Users will be able to purchase ONUS at a discounted rate of 20%. Specifically, after the user buy ONUS via Exchange feature, the system will automatically refund 20% of the purchase order value to the user in VNDC.
  • Each eligible user can purchase up to 1000 ONUS.
  • The amount of ONUS after purchase will automatically be transferred to ONUS Shares, staked in the pool for 365 days and automatically participated in the next administration cycle (starting on 05:00 PM UTC days September 29th 2022). See details about ONUS Shares here.


  • All trades are executed in the Exchange feature, so it does not affect the supply and value of ONUS. Users can update the number of ONUS in circulation at: 
  • In order to limit the case of users performing arbitrage transactions, the system increases the onus withdrawal fee from ONUS Shares pools by 30%.
  • To discourage arbitrage, the system increases the fee for withdrawing ONUS from ONUS Shares pools by 30%.

Participation Guidelines

  • Step 1: At the main screen, click on the “Jointly own ONUS” event and read the program rules.
  • Step 2: Click Buy now. Enter the amount of ONUS you want to buy, press Max to buy the maximum (1000 ONUS).
  • Step 3: The amount of ONUS purchased is automatically transferred to ONUS Shares for 365 days and will automatically participate in ONUS Shares from the next cycle.

With the implementation of this campaign, ONUS has brought direct benefits to the community, as well as making it easier for users to access the privilege of sharing 20% ​​of ONUS’s monthly revenue. Thereby, promoting cohesion and creating more value for both the community and the ONUS ecosystem.