Staking Daily: New Policy Update

In order to optimize the features and increase the efficiency of the ONUS platform, starting from 05:00 PM UTC on June 11th, ONUS will update the Staking Daily policy.

Specifically, for asset credits when customers receive via On-chain/Off-chain transactions or deposits through the Buy VNDC feature (both directly and through partners), the overnight interest payment will be activated after 24 hours from the time of successful receipt of the property (different from the old policy of allowing immediate activation to receive interest at 0:00 the next day). This policy applies to all asset classes that are paying overnight interest at ONUS.

For example: Customer receives 10,000,000 VNDC at 14:00, customers need to wait another 24 hours (until 14:00 the next day) to activate the Staking Daily feature for this amount. After activation, customers will receive daily interest based on the balance at 0:00 every day in accordance with the policy of the Staking Daily feature.

Note: This update does not apply to Deposit/Withdrawal partners. Deposit/Withdrawal partners receive overnight Interest as soon as they receive assets (0h00), no need to wait for 24h.

Interest Formula

The staking payment will be activated after 24 hours from the time of successful asset receipt, with the formula for an interest-receiving asset:

Balance to receive interest = Total asset balance – Amount of that asset deposited in 24h

About Staking Daily

Staking Daily is a feature that allows users to receive up to 0.033% interest after 00:00 daily when holding certain tokens with a set minimum amount. This feature is automatically applied to all customers who own the number of tokens on the list.

Currently, you receive interest every day when holding assets such as VNDC, USDT, BNB, BTC, KAI, BUSD, etc. For VNDC assets, you will receive compound interest at the rate of 12.8%/year – one very attractive rate when compared to bank deposit rates.