Status Token (SNT) is now available on ONUS

From April 11th, we officially list Status Token (SNT) on the ONUS application. Soon after SNT is added, users can perform the following features:

  • Off-chain transactions: Send and receive SNT with other users in the ONUS network.
  • Exchange: Swap from VNDC or USDT to SNT and vice versa.

About Status

Status is a combination of messaging app, crypto wallet and Web3 browser. As the App Store and Google Play of Ethereum, Status helps users interact with an ecosystem of more than 2000 Decentralized applications (dApps) operating on this blockchain. Status was created to encourage the exchange of information and simplify the use of dApps on Ethereum by linking it to mobile devices.

Status has 4 highlights:

  • Secure Crypto Wallet: Safely send, store and receive cryptocurrencies including ERC20 and ERC721 tokens with the Status crypto wallet. 
  • Truly Private Messaging: Status uses an open-source, peer-to-peer protocol, and end-to-end encryption to protect your messages from third parties.
  • Decentralized Web3 Browser: Browse the growing ecosystem of DApps including marketplaces, exchanges, games and social networks. Latest security standards ensure a private browsing experience.
  • Pseudo-Anonymous Account Generation: You will never be asked for a phone number, email address, or bank account when generating a Status account. Stay private and selectively reveal yourself to the world with Status.


What is SNT Token?

SNT is a native token of the Status ecosystem, operating on Ethereum according to ERC20 standard, and can be used to: 

  • Pay fees to use the services and functions of the Status ecosystem
  • Developers need to hold SNT to promote their dApp
  • Buy/Sell, Trade Stickers in the Market of Status
  • Pay SNT to become Status Teller Network


  • Name: Status Token
  • Symbol: SNT
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Standard: ERC20
  • Type: Utility Token
  • Smart Contract Address: 0x744d70fdbe2ba4cf95131626614a1763df805b9e