Stop supporting VNDC selling fee through business partners

Previously, ONUS supported customers to sell VNDC completely free through business partners. This feature has made it easy for customers to sell VNDC at any time, supported by ONUS’s trusted partners.

Starting today, February 25, 2021, ONUS officially stops supporting VNDC selling fees through business partners. Specifically, for each transaction of Selling VNDC via Business Account, from now on you need to pay a fee of 0.02% based on the volume of VNDC that you sell. Fees are limited to a minimum of 2,000 VNDC, up to a maximum of 20,000 VNDC per transaction. VNDC withdrawal transactions via off-chain gateway with partners Attlas and Nami also apply the same fee.

This fee is used to pay commissions to ONUS’s liquidity partners, helping to maintain the efficiency of VNDC buying and selling activities through business partners.