Suspend Trade and P2P feature for FAM

According to the latest announcement from FAM Central, the project will adjust its Tokenomics, with the expectation that the new model will align with industry trends and bring more opportunities and development potential for FAM Central.

To support this conversion, the current liquidity pools for FAM tokens on DEX/CEX platforms will only be maintained until 11:00 UTC on February 28, 2023, for investors who hold FAM and do not wish to convert to the new token.

Therefore, starting from 11:00 UTC on February 28, 2023, ONUS will officially close the Trade and P2P Trading features for FAM tokens. After this time, users can still withdraw FAM (sent On-chain via the BEP20 network) to convert to the new token.

FAM Central project will provide detailed instructions on how to participate in the “Conversion Pool” (converting old FAM tokens to the new ones). Users should follow the latest information about FAM Central on the website: