Update the Maintenance Margin Mechanism on ONUS Pro

Previously, ONUS Pro applied a Maintenance Margin of 0.1% to all trading pairs. However, to ensure the platform’s sustainability and to operate similarly to major exchanges worldwide, ONUS Pro will update the Maintenance Margin Rate for each trading pair. 

New updates will apply starting from 15:30 UTC on September 3, 2023.

Please follow the Maintenance Margin Rate of trading pairs here: https://pro.goonus.io/trading-rules 

Maintenance Margin?

  • Maintenance Margin is the minimum margin required to continue holding a position. Liquidation occurs when the isolated margin for the position is less than its maintenance margin level.
  • Formula: Maintenance Margin = Position Value * Maintenance Margin Rate (MMR).
  • MMR stands for Maintenance Margin Rate. This rate will vary between trading pairs; please see details at ONUS Pro Trading Rules.
  • Note: Based on the above formula, the Maintenance Margin will increase or decrease depending on the trader adjusting the position value. Traders can add a margin to widen the gap to the liquidation price.