Upgrade VIP members’ benefits policies

In order to increase benefits for loyal customers, ONUS has established membership levels from VIP 0 to VIP 9 with a benefit system that increases gradually with each level. The more you upgrade to VIP level, the more users can expand their transaction limit, and be exempted or reduced some fees such as On-chain transaction fees, VNDC online selling fees and other fees incurred when using ONUS in the future.

In order to synchronize and standardize transaction limits and reductions for all fees, starting from 5:00 UTC July 11, 2022, ONUS officially upgraded the benefit mechanism for VIP members, specifically as follows:

Details :

  • Locked: The amount of ONUS token you need to lock to upgrade to the next VIP level
  • Fee reduction: Users from VIP 3 and above get reduced fees when using P2P trading, On-chain, Online VNDC selling and other fees if any.
  • Online buy/sell VNDC limit: Maximum volume per order for online buy/sell VNDC (via bank)
  • Daily withdrawal limit: The maximum amount of assets users can withdraw in a day at the features of Selling VNDC, On-chain Sending, Off-chain Withdrawing. 

Other updates

  • In order to encourage users to upgrade their VIP accounts and serve to upgrade the ONUS Share v3.0 mechanism with various benefits, ONUS will stop supporting P2P transaction fees for ONUS Shares members.
  • Currently, the Free Crypto giveaway feature is under maintenance to upgrade with a more attractive new mechanism. Accordingly, ONUS temporarily stopped giving free crypto rewards to referrers.