USDO Beginner’s Guide

USDO is the first “Special Coin” built on the ONUS Chain network. As a special project whose value increases based on the development of the ecosystem, USDO offers users a safe and attractive option for hoarding assets.

With a user-friendly interface and special mechanism, USDO promises to become one of the products that bring many opportunities to users of the ONUS Chain ecosystem.

ONUS Chain will have a user guide and a specific explanation of how to mint USDO.

How to mint USDO

  • Step 1: On RICE Wallet, access Dapp and select USDO
  • Step 2: Connect your wallet to USDO
  • Step 3: In the Mint section, enter the amount of BUSD you want to deposit and confirm
  • Step 4: Confirm on your wallet

The current collateral for USDO is BUSD. So you need to have a certain amount of BUSD if you want to mint USDO. Currently, users can send BUSD from ONUS app (ONUS Chain) via RICE Wallet or Metamask. Users can also swap on MiaSwap to own BUSD.

In order to mint USDO, users need to lock BUSD to receive USDO at the rate of 1:1, according to the ratio of total collateral to the total amount of circulating USDO at the time of minting. Currently, the collateral for the value of USDO is 100% BUSD, and users will not be charged for minting USDO.

For example:

  • When 1 USDO = 1 BUSD, user needs to use 1 BUSD to mint 1 USDO.
  • When 1 USDO = 2 BUSD, user needs to use 2 BUSD to mint 1 USDO.

Conversely, users can convert ​USDO to receive back BUSD (Redeem) according to the ratio of the total collateral and the amount of USDO in circulation, with a redemption fee of 0.5% of the total trading volume.

Note: Make sure you have enough gas fees ON when transacting.

How to Redeem BUSD

  • Step 1: At Redeem, enter the amount of BUSD you want to redeem and confirm
  • Step 2: Confirm on your wallet

Redeem fee distribution:

A fee of 0.5% will be applied when the users redeem collateral and is distributed as follows:

  • 0.3% is used as collateral for USDO.
  • 0.1% is used to buy back and burn MIA.
  • 0.1% is used to buy back and burn ONUS.


For investors, USDO will be the perfect choice to accumulate assets during periods of strong market volatility.

Instead of storing assets in the form of conventional stablecoins, users now have an attractive alternative. With a special mechanism, the value of USDO will always increase gradually according to the development of the ONUS Chain ecosystem. This helps to increase passive income and ensures safe assets for USDO holders.

Why is USDO not de-peg?

Currently, USDO is backed by top audited stablecoins, and the first stage is BUSD. Each time users perform a Redeem of BUSD and return the USDO to the pool, these USDOs will be burned immediately.

In addition, ONUS Chain and other protocols like MiaSwap will add a portion of the profits as collateral to USDO, keeping the amount of BUSD in the treasury always higher than the amount of USDO in circulation. This mechanism will help USDO maintain stability and ensure that the value increases steadily with the development of the platform.

Through this article, users will understand the features and how to own USDO. Currently, users can experience USDO at:

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