USDT – New Base Currency on ONUS Futures

To help customers have more options when trading, starting from July 26, 2022, Nami Frame Futures cooperates with ONUS to launch USDT Futures product on ONUS, allowing users to trade Futures with USDT as a base currency.

  • Users can trade Futures with USDT trading pairs, providing a wide range of options and increased convenience.
  • All current features of VNDC Futures on ONUS will be fully provided in the USDT Futures product, including: maximum leverage up to x125, wide choice of assets with transaction fees, extra features margin, SL-TP price adjustment option…

Advantages of trading with USDT

  • Provide 139 trading pairs, diverse choices for users
  • Competitive transaction fee (at only 0.036% if using NAO token as fee)
  • The difference between buying and selling prices (spread) is lower when trading in VNDC

Fee Structure:

  • Maximum leverage: x125
  • Transaction fee: 0.06% (40% discount if using NAO, 25% if using NAMI or ONUS as transaction fee)
  • Order maintenance fee (Swap fee): 0.002%/hour
  • Liquidation fee: 1%

The commission mechanism for partners and the fee sharing mechanism for the Administration Pool will be announced later.

Instructions for depositing USDT into Futures wallet

To deposit USDT from the main account to Futures wallet, do the following steps:

B1: At the Futures screen, select the Wallet icon

B2: Click Deposit

B3: Select the type of asset you want to deposit as USDT. Enter the amount to deposit and press Deposit.

B4: Verify to complete the transaction.