VNDC Wallet Monthly Report September 2021

To all Investors,

With the goal of providing a more comprehensive view of VNDC’s performance, our team publishes the VNDC Wallet monthly report with detailed statistics on each indicator and activity. This is also one of the critical bases for investors holding VIDB to evaluate the assets they own.

VNDC Wallet Monthly Report September 2021

In September 2021, VNDC has shown some excellent notices:

  • The total number of users reached 1,427,090 users, an increase of 158,419 compared to August – a tremendous growth rate since the beginning of the year.
  • The average number of daily users is more than 49,000, with the highest being 75,000. Monthly transaction volume is 8.4 trillion VNDC (~363 million USD), up over 500 billion from the previous month.
  • Top 10 most traded tokens of the month: USDT, ITAM, VIDB, KAI, TRX, FAM, BNB, DFL, BTC, and AXS.
  • Adding 22 new digital assets to the VNDC Wallet, bringing the total tradable assets to 230.
  • Launchpad Spotlight – HanaGold project: Distributing all 1,000,000 HNG tokens within five minutes of the sale with the total value of 150,000 VIDB. HNG’s current price has increased by 2.2 times since Launchpad.
  • VNDC Official Twitter channel has 27,000 followers, more than double in August.
  • Announced VNDC’s official Telegram channel with 25,309 members in the Vietnamese community. After only 20 days, the VNDC Global Telegram community had more than 6,216 members.
  • Increased benefits for VIDB investors: P2P transactions are free for VIDB Shares members.

Thus, last September was a month of solid growth for VNDC Wallet, both in terms of core products and media coverage, steadily establishing a firm basis in Vietnam and expanding worldwide.

VNDC hopes to continue to receive companionship and valuable contributions from users in the coming months to make the ecosystem better and better.

Best regards,

VNDC Team.