Voting result: DeFi Football (WCI) Inspection

At 10:00 AM UTC on November 25th, the DeFi Football (WCI) project appraisal voting event officially ended. With the “Yes” votes accounting for 88.71%, ONUS would like to congratulate the DeFi Football (WCI) team on officially qualifying to deploy Launchpad on ONUS.

Result details:

  • “Yes” Rate: 88.71%, equivalent to 3,282,19 votes
  • “No” Rate: 11.29%, equivalent to 366,247 votes

The ONUS team will have a detailed announcement about the opening sale soon.

About DeFi Football & WCI Tokens

DeFi Football is the first Web3 game application on the ONUS Chain network. DeFi Football allows players to immerse themself in the exciting world of football, where fiery matches and tactical rivalry are created. DeFi Football is designed to provide an innovative experience where players can leverage their football knowledge to build the best possible teams to participate in tournaments in the game and win rewards when they become winners.

With the Free-to-Earn model, attractive gameplay, and innovative mechanics, DeFi Football will definitely bring players exciting entertainment experiences and allow players to earn rewards that hold long-term value in its revenue-sharing activities.

The WCI token is the utility token used across DeFi Football and can be used to:

  • Create or join other player’s games in PvP to earn free rewards.
  • Join Tournament Leaderboard to win great prizes.
  • Bid or Ask for your favorite players in the Marketplace.
  • Stake and get revenue sharing from DeFi Football.
  • Purchase in-game content: Pack NFT containing Player Cards, Cards listed on the Marketplace directly from other users.
  • Reward players for winning in PvP matches, daily and weekly tournaments, DFF Leaderboard.

Note: Projects on ONUS Launchpad are released by ONUS partners, ONUS only acts as an intermediary platform to support token sales to the community. ONUS has no obligation to guarantee the exchange rate of the token after the open sale event but entirely depends on the market. Investors should carefully learn the information about the project and take responsibility for your investment decisions.