Voting result: ONUS Name Service (ONS) Inspection

At 08:00 AM UTC on July 14th, the ONUS Name Service (ONS) project appraisal voting event officially ended. With the “Yes” votes accounting for 91.43%, ONUS would like to congratulate the ONUS Name Service (ONS) team on officially qualifying to deploy Launchpad and Launchpool on ONUS.

Result details:

  • “Yes” Rate: 91.43% equivalent to 3,282,19 votes
  • “No” Rate: 8.57% equivalent to 907,493 votes

The ONUS team will have a detailed announcement about the opening sale soon.

Note: Projects on ONUS Launchpad are released by ONUS partners, ONUS only acts as an intermediary platform to support token sales to the community. ONUS has no obligation to guarantee the exchange rate of the token after the open sale event but entirely depends on the market. Investors should carefully learn the information about the project and take responsibility for your investment decisions.

About ONUS Name Service & ONS Tokens

ONUS Name Service (ONS) is the first distributed, open, and extendable naming system on the ONUS Chain, providing decentralized digital identity and ownership to domain holders.

Register your domains here: 

The function of ONS is to convert names that can be read by humans, such as “team.onus,” into names that can be read by computers, including EVM-compatible addresses, addresses for other cryptocurrencies, content hashes, and metadata. With the use of ONS’s “reverse resolution” feature, it is also feasible to link ONUS Chain addresses to metadata like canonical names or interface descriptions.

However, because of the possibilities offered by the ONUS Chain, ONS has a fundamentally different design from DNS, the Internet’s Domain Name System. Similar to DNS, ONS uses a system of domains – dot-separated hierarchical names – in which the domain’s owner has complete control over its subdomains.

Top-level domains, such as “.onus,” are controlled by smart contracts known as registrars, which also define the policies dictating how their subdomains are distributed. Anyone can get domain ownership for their own use if they abide by the restrictions imposed by these registrar contracts. Additionally, ONS allows users to import their existing DNS names for use with ONS. Because ONS is hierarchical, anyone who controls a domain at any level may set subdomains as desired, either for themselves or for others.

ONS is the native token of the ONUS Name Service platform that empowers its holders with the following utilities:

  • Used to register and extend the domain registration period.
  • Used to join auctions by placing bids.
  • Used as the reward for the referral program.
  • Used as the staking reward.
  • Used in ONS DAO Voting.


  • Name: ONUS Name Service
  • Ticker: ONS
  • Platform: ONUS Chain
  • Token type: Utility
  • Total supply: 50,000,000

Learn more about ONUS Name Service: Website | Whitepaper

Join the ONUS Name Service Community: Telegram | Twitter