Welcome DeFi Football to the ONUS Chain ecosystem

With the mission of developing a community-oriented DeFi space, ONUS Chain is actively building and integrating the most basic decentralized applications.

DeFi Football is the first Web 3.0 Game to be deployed on the ONUS Chain network. As a football management simulation game, DeFi Football offers exciting game modes, allowing players to experience the fascinating moments of football and immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the World Cup season.

With a professional interface, diverse NFT items and highly tactical gameplay, DeFi Football promises to become a potential game on the ONUS Chain ecosystem and receive a good reception from the community.

Currently, DeFi Football is ready for players to experience on the ONUS Chain Testnet network. The game is expected to launch the Mainnet version in the near future.

Experience DeFi Football at: https://defifootball.io/

About DeFi Football

DeFi Football is the first game that combines football and Web 3.0 on the ONUS Chain ecosystem. With gameplay revolving around team management, players will own football player cards in the form of NFTs. From there, build a favorite squad and participate in the following game modes:

  • PvP: Players will create rooms to compete with other players’ squads, thereby achieving attractive rewards.
  • Tournament: Players will join their squad to participate in top tournaments such as the Junior Division Cup, Major League Cup or Premier League Cup.

The matches will be simulated based on the player’s stats. Therefore, players need to own a strong squad and build smart tactics to increase the possibility of victory.

Possession of player cards

To build a favorite squad, players need to own NFT player cards. Currently, player cards can be exchanged at Marketplace. In addition, players can also burn NFTs to upgrade the player’s strength stats, improving the win rate in the next matches.

The launch of DeFi Football will contribute to completing the ONUS Chain ecosystem, creating a complete DeFi space and helping players fully experience the approaching World Cup season.

Join DeFi Football Community: https://t.me/DeFIFootballGroup

Join the ONUS Chain Community: https://t.me/onuschain_chatglobal