Welcome MiaSwap to the ONUS Chain ecosystem

Towards the goal of bringing DeFi closer to the ONUS community through easy and convenient experiences, ONUS Chain is integrating the most basic and practical decentralized applications (DApps).

MiaSwap is the first DApp built on the ONUS Chain platform. As a decentralized exchange – this DEX/AMM protocol allows users to exchange assets with low fees and earn attractive profits based on the liquidity provision.

With a user-friendly interface, easy-to-use and attractive features, MiaSwap will become the ideal choice when starting to experience the space of DeFi.

At the moment, MiaSwap is ready for users to experience at ONUS Chain Testnet. MiaSwap is expected to launch simultaneously with the Mainnet version of ONUS Chain.

Experience MiaSwap: https://miaswap.io/swap/

About MiaSwap

MiaSwap is the first decentralized exchange in the ONUS Chain ecosystem, providing basic features including:

  • Swap: With this feature, users can trade and exchange assets easily and quickly with abundant liquidity.
  • Add Liquidity: Users add their assets to liquidity pools in order to receive the transaction fees and LP tokens of the pool provided with liquidity.
  • Yield Farm: This feature allows users to stake LP tokens to receive MIA as reward, thereby increasing passive income with an attractive APR.
  • Mining Pools: With Mining Pools, users can stake MIA and ONUS to get other assets in return. By staking the MIA received from Yield Farm, investors can maximize profits from the liquidity provision.

The launch of MiaSwap will contribute to the completion of the ONUS Chain ecosystem. Thereby shaping a perfect DeFi space for the community.

Join the ONUS Chain community: https://t.me/onuschain_global