Welcome NEKO Protocol to the ONUS Chain ecosystem

In order to bring a complete DeFi experience to the community, ONUS Chain is gradually integrating practical Dapps into the network.

As the next project to be implemented in the ecosystem, NEKO Protocol is a versatile financial protocol that provides a variety of essential features including:

  • Quick Swap: Quick Swap allows the secure exchange of cryptocurrency and digital assets
  • EVM Bridge: Brings the power of Onus Chain to other blockchains
  • Quiz to Earn: Users who get all the quizzes regarding the cryptocurrency market may win great prizes
  • POW Mining: Miners may buy early mining packages to acquire a large number of NEPs before there are too many halving
  • POS Earning: Another effective option is to stake NEP in order to get high income
  • MLM Referral: The referrer will always obtain lucrative passive revenue sources for inviting new individuals to NEKO Protocol activities

Experience NEKO Protocol at: https://nekoprotocol.com/

With a variety of features and methods on one platform, NEKO Protocol offers users an ideal choice and complete experience when participating in the Web 3.0 and DeFi space.

The launch of NEKO Protocol will contribute to diversifying the ONUS Chain ecosystem, promoting the development of the next projects.

Join the NEKO Protocol Community: https://t.me/nekoprotocol