Welcome OnGate.io to the ONUS Chain ecosystem

With the mission of developing a community-oriented DeFi space, ONUS Chain is actively building and integrating the most basic decentralized applications.

OnGate is the next Dapp to be deployed on the ONUS Chain network. As a Launchpad platform, OnGate allows anyone to create their own tokens and launchpads, including those with no programming experience.

With a friendly interface, simple operations and attractive features, OnGate promises to become a potential and most used Launchpad platform in the ONUS Chain ecosystem.

Currently, OnGate is ready for users to experience at ONUS Chain Testnet. Ongate.io is expected to launch simultaneously with the Mainnet version of ONUS Chain.

Experience OnGate: https://ongate.io/ 

About OnGate

OnGate is the first Launchpad platform on the ONUS Chain network, providing essential features that anyone can use:

  • Create Token: Users can create their own tokens on the ONUS Chain platform quickly and easily.
  • Create Launchpad: With this feature, users can create a token sale (launchpad) with full options and customizations.
  • Lock: A feature that allows users to lock tokens or LP tokens for a certain period of time in accordance with the development orientation of the creator.

With OnGate, any project or individual can create their own tokens or a token sale without any programming experience, time to set up, or intervention from the developing team. Regular users can also directly participate in pools to capture early investment opportunities in potential projects.

OnGate fees

Currently, the features on OnGate require the following fees:

  • Create Token: 10 ONUS
  • Create Launchpad: 100 ONUS and 5% of ONUS sold
  • Create a Lock: Absolutely free

These fees will ensure the stable operation of OnGate, thereby contributing to the continuous development of the ONUS Chain network.

The launch of OnGate will open up attractive opportunities for users and projects, contributing to the completion of the ONUS Chain ecosystem and creating a complete DeFi space for the community.

Join OnGate Community: https://t.me/ongate_channel 

Join the ONUS Chain Community: https://t.me/onuschain_chat