What is Dot Arcade Token (ADT)?

From 01:00 PM UTC January 15th, ONUS will start selling Dot Arcade Token (ADT) through the ONUS Launchpad feature. To help everyone know more about ADT to have better investment decisions, ONUS presents a comprehensive research study on the Dot Arcade Token (ADT) and its role in the Dot Arcade ecosystem.


  • Token distributed from the Launchpad will only unlock 40% of the purchase amount after the event. The remaining 60% will go under vesting in the next 3 months, equivalent to 20% per month.
  • Private Sale Policy: Hold 5.67% of the total 300,000,000 token supply. 20% initial release after 72 hours since TGE, 3 months cliff, then vest monthly in 8 months.
  • The project is developed on Binance Smart Chain.
  • Platform that IDO at the same time as ONUS: KoiStarter, GameStation, and BSCStation

What is Dot Arcade?

Dot Arcade is a combination of Arcade and Moba genres, where players worldwide are free to earn NFTs individually or with their clans. With unique tactical gameplay, players will play the role of a lord with the desire to build a powerful empire and bring his army to conquer new lands. Dot Arcade promises to bring hours of fun with many exciting events and tournaments to create opportunities for players to participate in winning tokens or NFT rewards.

For more details, please check out: Website, Whitepaper


In a land far away, in the age where the lords expand their lands through expeditions, is where the story of DotArcade begins. Each lord hopes to protect their achievements, the areas that they occupied, protected by the great fortresses. Moreover, there are military operations in order to defeat the enemies and expand their territory. Alliances are formed to consolidate the lords’ status and enhance their strength. 

In the virtual world of DotArcade, players will have an opportunity to become a young lord who has a great passion for conquering and building up status by assembling the armies, organizing campaigns to defend the great castles and acquiring items through raids. Actvities for guilds are also available in the virtual universe of DotArcade in order to create large scale conquest forces with high interactive features. Upgrading and purchasing weapons and goods will be displayed publicly through the shop feature so our lords can be fully equipped before entering the battlefield.


Gameplay is divided into three categories: Campaign, Solo and Tournament. Four difficult levels exist, allowing the player to increase the challenge after getting the hang of the game.

  • Solo mode: provides a wide variety of maps for single player to play against each other and requires players to fight continuously to survive in the game.

  • Campaign mode: provides various mission scenarios where the player can play against up to three. Campaign battles often have goals, such as capturing all enemy points before a time expires, capturing key villages or simply capturing all enemy villages with no time restrictions.

  • Tournament mode: All players could join and compete to become champion to get token and NFT.



  • Can be crafted and trained in the Barrack
  • This is the troop that uses the least resources and has the shortest crafting time
  • Attribute: Strong, but low mobility stats
  • Is essential for battles at the beginning of the game as it requires a certain number of troops to start building a construction
  • The more troops (of this type) you have, the more likely you can win the battle


  • Can be crafted and trained in the Archery Range
  • Can attack in long range, high in defense stats, but low in strength
  • Is the best choice for attacking the sentry tower
  • High in defense and low in strength stats


  • High in both strength and mobility stats
  • Takes lots of time and resources to craft in the Stables
  • This type of troop can’t be created at the beginning of the game as Stables requires a certain number of troops to start building a construction
  • This type of troop is the main factor that can help the player secure a win


In the campaigns, the players will start by building their own castles as their military base, Each area will have 4 slots to build one of these 4 constructions of their own choice.

  • Barrack: Where barbarians are trained
  • Stables: Where cavalries are trained
  • Archery range: Where archers are trained
  • Sentry tower: Troops can’t be trained here, but it can be used for defense when the enemies attack


Q4 2021

  1. Build team
  2. Design Game Logic
  3. Strategic Round & Private Round
  4. Build Demo Game
  5. Release white paper
  6. Release website
  7. Launch Marketing
  8. Airdrop

Q1 2022

  1. IDO & TGE
  2. Publish smart contract
  3. Launch on Pancake Swap
  4. Launch public sale
  5. Launch alpha game
  6. 10K users
  7. Second Marketing Campaign
  8. Design NFTs
  9. Launch beta game

Q2 2022

  1. Launch official game version
  2. 50K users
  3. Third Marketing Campaign
  4. Public NFT collection
  5. Intergate metamask
  6. Release NFT Market

Q3 2022

  1. Launch game v1.1
  2. 100K users
  3. Marketing Campaign
  4. Release In-game Event
  5. Release Clan System
  6. Release Ranking
  7. Integrate loom.io

Q4 2022

  1. Launch game v1.2
  2. 200K users
  3. Boom Marketing Campaign
  4. Release Tournament
  5. Release Fullmaps
  6. Add more characters

Q1 2023

  1. Launch game v1.3
  2. 500K users
  3. Boom Marketing Campaign
  4. New game mode
  5. Integrate sidechain
  6. Organize more tournaments
  7. Add more characters

Development team

  • Yoyo Bibo (CEO): The CEO of B-Gate (Pipogame) who has more than 17 years in game mobile and mobile vas. He had made so many game and App online with overs 1 millions user and over 10K CCU: Vitalk, Yoyo chat, Game online,.. He also created hundreds offline games and trained hundreds game developers.
  • Anthony Nguyen (CMO): He has joined in many startup projects as a marketing/growth manager. His biggest achievement is Appota Corp with million users. 
  • Duc Nguyen (COO): Duc has worked for a top-tier UK advisory firm for 10 years. He has advised world leading financial and investment corporations in hundreds of cross-border asset trading, financing and listing transactions.
  • Anna Trinh (CIO): She has 10 years of experience in communication & journalism. She started her career at a big communication company in Vietnam and won many excellent individual awards. She is the CEO and co-founder of social networking projects and electronic news sites.
  • Mikhail Pham (CPO): Former employee at leading game development companies in Vietnam such as VNG and FPT, founder of “trochoiviet.com”, a well known gaming site in Vietnam: played and loved by millions of gamers, for more than 10 years.
  • Saruno Kun (CTO): He is CTO and Co-founder of B-GATE, a leading studio game in Vietnam from 2011-2019. Saruno Kun has 12 years experience in Game industry. He had completed hundreds of mobile game projects in J2ME, Android, IOS, Web and integration, blockchain in game.


What is Dot Arcade Token (ADT)?

ADT is a utility token in Dot Arcade, operating on Binance Smart Chain according to BEP20 standard, and can be used to: 

  • Buy/Sell, Auction items in the game (NFT, fashion, weapons,…), or upgrade Rank
  • Reward players when participating in tournaments
  • Stake to earn free tokens

Token Allocation

ADT has a total supply of 300,000,000 tokens and will be distributed at the following rate:

  • Marketing + Listing: 15%
  • Play and Earn: 32%
  • Ecosystem Development Fund and Staking Rewards: 22%
  • Team, Foundation & Advisor: 20%
  • Sales: 11%

Token Release Schedule


  • Name: DotArcade Token
  • Ticker: ADT
  • Type: Utility
  • Total Supply: 300,000,000 ADT
  • Platform: Binance Smart Chain
  • Standard: BEP20