What is in ONUS Whitepaper?

After the restructuring and rebranding event on October 20, 2021, VNDC Wallet will officially convert to ONUS, while VIDB – the token representing the former VNDC Wallet platform – will be transformed into ONUS token. The following article will give an overview of ONUS.

ONUS Financial Investment Application

The ONUS app, formerly known as VNDC Wallet, was first launched on March 23, 2020, on both Android & iOS platforms. After 18 months of operation and constant improvement, ONUS is now one of the most used cryptocurrency investment applications in Vietnam, with more than 1.5 million downloads and a complete ecosystem of financial products for investors, including 04 main product groups:

  1. Custodial: Store, send/receive cryptocurrencies, and support fiat currency trading.
  2. Investing: Investing: Buying, selling, and managing your portfolio is extremely easy and convenient.
  3. Earning: Earning: Overnight passive earnings can get up to 12% when storing VNDC, USDT, and other assets at ONUS (automatic roll of daily interest) and Farming Pools with high-interest rates.
  4. Borrowing: Providing stablecoin loan (VNDC, USDT) with cryptocurrency collateral, interest rate 24% per year.

What is ONUS token?

ONUS Token is a utility token used in the entire ONUS ecosystem, deployed on three independent platforms: Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain & Kardia Chain, with a maximum supply of 100,000,000 ONUS (only burning and no further production). ONUS smart contracts have been carefully audited by Certik before being officially deployed on blockchain networks.

Detailed information about ONUS token:

ONUS Token’s Use Cases

ONUS tokens are used unlimitedly in the ONUS ecosystem, including:

  • ONUS Credit Line: ONUS Token is used to pay interest on loans
  • ONUS VIP/Partner: ONUS Token is used to decentralize users and business partners
  • ONUS Shares: ONUS holders get a daily revenue share
  • Pay fees: Listing Fees, Farming Fees, P2P Trading Fees
  • ONUS Launchpad: Helping startups attract investment from the community through token sale, using ONUS Token

In addition, the value of ONUS will continue to expand ONUS’s worth will continue to rise unrestrictedly in the future with decentralized products: ONUS Non-custodial; ONUS Blockchain Platform; ONUS DEX/Swap/Borrow…

ONUS Ecosystem

ONUS ecosystem is built with a variety of financial products and services as follows:

  • ONUS Swap
  • ONUS P2P
  • ONUS Credit Line
  • ONUS Farming
  • ONUS Staking
  • ONUS Earn Free Crypto
  • ONUS Fiat Gateway

And other products will be continuously researched and developed.

Token Allocation

100,000,000 ONUS will be distributed to all ONUS users, organization/individual investors, and partners. It includes:

  • 30,000,000 ONUS: Distributed to ONUS investor community (VNDC Wallet), according to the former token (Ticker Symbol) VIDB.
  • 30,000,000 ONUS (uncirculated): Will be distributed to partners, large investors and investment funds when investing in the ONUS ecosystem.
  • 40,000,000 ONUS (reserve, uncirculated): Will be used when the ONUS implements to expand the market and lists on international exchanges.

ONUS Reversed wallet address: 0x6F07ac637e7a1993e1376e3bc7b73F6b7aC4E25C (on all three platforms)

Product roadmap

ONUS will never cease to optimize the current products to improve the ecosystem and promote user growth, with a goal of ONUS reaching 10 million users by 2023.

  • Q4, 2021: Reaching 2 million users
  • Q1, 2022: Completing the product ecosystem, adding features: Recurring Buy, Margin, Limit & Stop Limit.
  • Q3, 2022: Launching the ONUS Non-custodial application, a decentralized financial investment application for ONUS users.
  • Q4, 2022: Reaching 5 million users.
  • Q1, 2024: Reaching 10 million users.