What is Miin (MIIN)

From 13:00 UTC September 14th, ONUS will start selling Miin Token (MIIN) through the ONUS Launchpad feature. To help everyone know more about RUN to make better investment decisions, ONUS presents a comprehensive research study on the Miin Token (MIIN) and its role in the Miin application.


  • Tokens of this project are 50% public sale (100,000,000 MIIN): these tokens are keyless, and distributed through ONUS Launchpad and ONUS DeFi Launchpad platforms.
  • Tokens are vested 100% at TGE, 08:00 AM UTC on September 15

The total supply of 200,000,000 MIIN is allocated as follows:

  • 25% liquidity (50,000,000 MIIN): for the only MIIN/VNDC trading pair at ONUS App, listed at 1 MIIN = 120 VNDC (50,000,000 MIIN and 6,000,000,000 VNDC)
  • Retroactive 5% (10,000,000 MIIN): Distributed to the first users to use the product, divided equally by the transaction volume from the time of product launch to the time of public sale.
  • 20% Development Fund (40,000,000 MIIN): locked, unlocked by community vote for reward programs, transaction incentives, airdrops for community development, cooperation with partners…
  • Investors please refer to the white paper of the project.

About Miin 

Miin is a national insurance application for everyone, allowing you to buy and store Civil Liability Insurance and use it when participating in traffic.

Miin started in 2019, coming from the concern of the founding team: “How to make it easy for the general public to access insurance, bypassing complicated and time-consuming procedures in the insurance industry ?”

With the combination of the true value of insurance and the power of technology, the Miin application offers a fast and convenient insurance purchasing and management experience, simplifying all procedures and reasonable prices. for policyholders.

Miin provides insurance packages for businesses in areas such as ride-hailing, e-commerce. The three main objects of the application are the poor, mountainous ethnic people supported by NGOs, small businesses, farmer households and seasonal contract workers in enterprises. MIIN is appreciated with the following benefits:

  • Transparency of information: Through the app, insurance buyers can obtain information about insurance beneficiaries as well as compensation costs.
  • Convenience: buy and store insurance right on your phone, no paperwork required. The certificate completely replaces the hard copy, presented anytime, anywhere.
  • Easy to use: simple information declaration on the phone

Earning Mechanics

Besides convenient buying, selling and tracking insurance, users can also make money on the app in the following ways:

  • Discount when buying insurance: Users who use MIIN to buy insurance will receive a 10% discount on the selling price of the insurance package.
  • Stake MIIN to become a partner: Users stake MIIN to become a partner and will receive a commission according to Miin’s policy.
  • Farming: Users who join MIIN farming pools on ONUS will be rewarded with MIIN or VNDC with an interest rate of 12-15% APY.
  • Profit sharing: Users participate in staking into the Administration Pool to share profits up to 20% from the project and vote for changes from the project.

How to join

  • Download and install the MIIN . app
  • Select the type of vehicle you want to buy insurance for
  • Enter information by taking a photo of the vehicle registration, or fill in the information
  • Select information about the time and amount of compensation. Then choose a payment method
  • See more detailed instructions here.

About token MIIN

MIIN is the governance token of the Miin insurance platform, allowing holders to receive benefits from contributing to the development of the platform:

  • Discounts for users
  • Stake to become a partner
  • Bonus when users join farming pool MIIN on ONUS
  • Profit sharing when users participate in staking into the Administration Pool


  • Name: Run Together
  • Ticker: RUN
  • Platform: BNB Chain
  • Standard: BEP20
  • Token Type: Utility
  • Total Supply: 200,000,000 MIIN