What is Move to Earn?

Move to Earn is a model that allows participants to earn money through daily physical activities such as walking, jogging, cycling,… and measuring efficiency through sensor tools and GPS. The concept of Move to Earn is not new, but up to now, there are only a few projects that resonate in the community up to now, such as Genopets, StepN, etc…

After a long period of being affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more people are interested in exercise to improve their health which has made Move to Earn explode again. No longer hanging around with the traditional money-making game motif, Move to Earn opens an exciting playground that allows people to go out and exercise with daily rewards. 

Highlights of Move to Earn

  • Gameplay: The way players participate in Move to Earn projects will focus on physical activities, requiring the transformation of energy through daily activities in exchange for valuable rewards instead of playing games.
  • Integration with NFT: Move to Earn projects also use the NFT mechanism to help participants manage, buy/and sell items quickly. When players spend money on NFT items of the project, the value and uniqueness of that NFT also contribute to motivating participants to complete more challenges.
  • Sensor technology and GPS: To ensure fairness for participants, Move to Earn projects often use sensor technology and GPS to track and prevent fraud.
  • Modernity and novelty for users: Not having to spend hours sitting at the computer to plow money games, which can harm health. When participating in Move to Earn projects, players can be active outdoors, improve their physical fitness, and earn profits.

Some popular Move to Earn projects

  • STEPN (GMT – GST): Web3 application that combines elements of Social-Fi, Game-Fi and is built on the Solana ecosystem to help inspire people about healthy lifestyle, encourage daily exercise day to improve health. When participating in STEPN, players can equip sports shoes in the form of NFT, then walk or jog outdoors to earn tokens.
  • Genopets (GENE): NFT games developed in two forms, Play-to-Earn and Move-to-Earn, on Solana ecosystem. The game features a mix of Tamagochi-like petting, Pokemon-like combat, and social simulations like Animal Crossing. Possessing simple gameplay, players just need to participate in light activities such as walking, walking, cycling… can receive experience points to upgrade animals and receive rewards.
  • OliveX (DOSE): The project wishes to create a Metaverse dedicated to physical activities – collectively known as Fitness Metaverse, through cooperation with development projects in the form of Move-to-Earn such as Genopets, DEFY,… In addition, OliveX also develops its own set of products, including Dustland Runner (running), Dusland Rider (cycling) using Bluetooth and sensor technology.

Along with other potential Move to Earn projects.

Currently, the ONUS application includes a #Move2Earn category, making it simple to browse assets, monitor market fluctuations, and conduct buying and selling transactions.