What is My Partner feature?

ONUS team has improved the My Partner feature in the current edition to encourage a strong relationship between partners and users by offering relevant information and making it easier for users to contact partners quickly and easily.

Users can follow and contact partners with My Partner feature, which includes an avatar (with the KYC emblem), account type (Trusted Customer, Partners,…), phone number, email address, and links to three main platform networks: Facebook/Telegram/Zalo.

Benefits for users

Through this gateway, users can optimize their ONUS experience with the following utilities:

  • Detailed instructions for beginners
  • Direct connection with ONUS partners via user ID or email, phone number.
  • By joining a partner’s group, you may increase the number of channels via which you can receive and exchange information before making an investment.
  • Quickly get answers, guidance, and support when needed.
  • Minimizing cases of fraud and counterfeiting of partners

Benefits for partners

In addition, the My Partner feature is also a useful support tool for ONUS partners:

  • More convenient to develop your own community.
  • Assist and guide users as soon as possible.

Each partner will be an ambassador, a companion, and customer support throughout the experience and investment process on ONUS. Therefore, we always encourage users to learn, research, and consider before choosing a companion partner, as well as to remind and sustain the loyalty to the partners’ members.