What is Space Crypto Token (SPG)?

From 03:00 AM UTC December 22nd, ONUS will start selling Space Crypto Token (SPG) through the ONUS Launchpad feature. To help everyone know more about SPG to have better investment decisions, ONUS presents a comprehensive research study on the Space Crypto Token (SPG) and its role in the Space Crypto ecosystem.


  • Token distributed from the Launchpad will only unlock 25% of the purchase amount after the event ends. The remaining 75% will go under vesting in the next 3 months, equivalent to 25% per month.
  • Private Sale Policy: Hold 10% of the total 1,000,000,000 token supply. 6% initial release at TGE, 2% release at 4th week, 2% at 8th week, then lock for 1 month, then vest weekly in 12 months. 
  • The platform that IDO at the same time as ONUS: GameFi, Red Kite.
  • Space Crypto’s Smart Contract is being audited by Certik.

What is Space Crypto?

Space Crypto is an NFT Play-to-Earn game where anyone can earn tokens through skilled, strategic gameplay and contribute to the Space Metaverse ecosystem. In the Space Metaverse, the player is a space guardian whose mission is to fight against evil bosses to protect the safety of the universe using spaceships. With a Free-to-Play model and simple gameplay, vivid graphics, Space Crypto will bring an extremely realistic space exploration experience, while helping players earn more tokens in their free time. Space Crypto will be available for free on web browser, iOS and Android.

Spaceship unit

A spaceship is the main unit in the game, and it is in the form of an NFT, transferrable, scarce digital asset. Players need to have spaceships to fight enemies. To engage in a battle, you need to assemble a squad of spaceships that has at least 1 spaceship and at most 15 spaceships. All spaceships have the same price of 10 $SPG per spaceship. Each spaceship has the following stats:

Rarity: A ship with a higher rarity level is more powerful. There are six levels of rarity. Here are the possibilities of getting each level of rarity for one spaceship:

  • Common – 82.00%
  • Rare – 10.00%
  • Super Rare – 6.00%
  • Epic – 1.40%
  • Legendary – 0.55%
  • Mythical – 0.05%

Ammo: The amount of ammo that each spaceship carries

The higher level of rarity, the more ammo a spaceship can carry.

When a spaceship runs out of ammo in the middle of a fight, it will be automatically removed from the battle to reload ammo. The standard reloading speed for a spaceship is three ammo per ten seconds. You can equip your spaceship with a base unit to speed up the reloading speed. A spaceship can continue the battle only when more than half of its ammo is refilled. You have to manually add such spaceships back to the battle. As long as a spaceship is not used in a battle, it will automatically reload ammo.

Firing rate: Firing rate of each spaceship is measured by firing times per second

The higher the level of rarity of a spaceship, the faster the firing rate.

Damage: Damage point is the measure of how much HP a spaceship causes its enemy to lose. The ammo of each spaceship has its own damage rate. Total damage that a spaceship can inflict on its enemy = The number of ammo it carries x The damage rate of each ammo.

Base unit

A base can be attached to a spaceship to speed up ammo reloading and it also exist in the form of an NFT. Each base has a level among Small (Alpha 1,2,3), Medium (Beta 1,2,3), and Large (Gamma 1,2,3). The higher level of a base is, the faster the ammo recovery speed it offers. Since a base is an NFT, you can buy/sell and send/receive it using your crypto wallet.

Boss unit

Boss unit is the enemy target that your spaceship squad needs to destroy. Each battle will have a number called showtime. You have to defeat the boss within the given showtime. SPE reward is given after you defeat a boss. The amount of SPE reward varies according to each boss and your luck. 

Space Metaverse

Space Crypto’s vision is to offer a deeply immersive Space Metaverse in which players will create virtual worlds and games collaboratively and without a central authority. The Space Metaverse uses two tokens to create a circular economy between all the profiles of users who will interact with its platform namely the Space Guardian and Land owners. Land is the most valuable resource in the Space Metaverse with a limited quantity. Land allow players to own a portion of the Space Metaverse and thus be able to:

  • Collect a fee when letting other commanders use their land as battlegrounds.
  • Build their guild with friends and earn rewards by conquering other players’ lands.
  • In addition, landowners might find $SPG tokens on their land plots.


Battle: Each boss you defeat is assigned a different amount of $SPE reward. After you defeat the boss, you will enter a slot game that will decide the actual amount of SPE you will earn. There are 4 possibilities that can happen in the slot game:

  • SPE reward x100 – 0.1%
  • SPE reward x2 – 2.5%
  • SPE reward x0 – 2.5%
  • SPE reward x1 – 94.9%

Raid mode (coming soon): When playing in Raid mode, you do not need to purchase any spaceship and you can play it anywhere anytime. This mode is designed for busy people who want to relax by playing video games while making some extra money in the meantime.

Tournament mode (coming soon): You can claim more tokens by playing Tournament mode. Join the tournament to prove that you are the best Space Guardian in the Space Metaverse.

PvP mode (coming soon): You can compete against your friends and other players in PvP mode


Through gameplay, the Space Guardian will be able to get stronger SpaceShips, earn many NFT items. an NFT is a digital certificate representing the ownership of a digital asset, traceable on the blockchain. Market Place is where all the Space Guardians come together to buy or sell their NFT items.



  • Beta test release
  • Spaceship and Base NFT release
  • IDO


  • Spaceship merge and upgrade function release
  • Tournament launch
  • Raid mode launch
  • Battle Boss mode release
  • Game official launch on BSC


  • Launch on Solana
  • PvP mode release
  • Tournament Mode
  • Marketplace launch


  • Treasury on Testnet
  • Monthly Tournament
  • Release mini-game.
  • Land NFT release for Space Metaverse


  • Treasury on Mainnet
  • Stake functions release


  • Develop Space Metaverse
  • Release Land NFT Functions


  • Enhance the Space Guardian experience with 3D VR NFT
  • Develop guild mode in the Space Metaverse


  • Release guild mode in the Space Metaverse 
  • Build team on land and conquer other Planet


  • Partner and Cross-chain with other blockchain games to build the MultiVerse.


Space Crypto is developed and mentored by an experienced team in the fields of game development, blockchain, DeFi, technology. Some of the prominent members include:

Giang Nguyen (CEO): Founder, Creator of Facedance Challenge, the most viral game in the world during the rise of mobile gaming in 2017.

  • Hoang Nguyen (Chief Gaming Officer): The man behind the success of “Tiles Hop” – Amanote game with more than 600 million downloads worldwide.
  • Binh Nguyen (CTO): Head of Unity Team at 3 unicorns: Kixeye, VNG, Playstudio.
  • Nghi Duong (COO): Former Engineer at Amazon, US. Founding member & Head of biometrics team at TrueID, VNG.
  • Michael Nguyen (CMO): Ex-Founder of Multi Exits, one with more than 200 million USD valuation from the USA. Board Director of UCLA Alumni Network.
  • Vu Phan (Head of Blockchain): Lead Engineer at multi-million dollar startups such as Ticketbox, Difcat.

What is Space Crypto Token (SPG)?

Space Crypto Token (SPG) is the main token in Space Metaverse. The goal of introducing $SPG is to provide a convenient and secure payment method in Space Crypto and other games in the Space Metaverse. 

  • Payment in the marketplace and fusion spaceships.
  • Staking to earn reward from Treasury&DAO.
  • Governance: voting to decide how the economy will be.

Token Allocation

SPG has a total supply of 1,000,000,000 tokens and will be distributed at the following rate:

  • Play to Earn: 25.8%
  • Team: 20%
  • Marketing & Ecosystem: 13%
  • Private sale: 10%
  • Liquidity & Listing: 10%
  • Treasury Issuance: 10%
  • Advisors: 5%
  • Reserve: 5%
  • IDO: 1.2%


  • Name: Space Crypto Token
  • Ticker: SPG
  • Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 SPG
  • Platform: Binance Smart Chain
  • Standard: BEP20