Who Will Win Euro 2024? Predict with ONUS for a chance to win $15,000

To celebrate the electrifying atmosphere of Euro 2024 – the grandest celebration of football, ONUS is thrilled to announce a series of exciting score prediction events for all football enthusiasts. Lucky players will have the chance to grab incredible prizes worth up to 350,000,000 VND. Are you ready to join the action?

*Please update the app to the latest version 5.4.6 to participate in the prediction event.


  1. Predict the Champion Team: Total prize 100,000,000 VNDC

The person who correctly predicts the champion team and the closest/most accurate number of people having the same prediction will receive 50% of the total prize pool. 10 players who predict correctly and earliest will share the rest, with each person receiving 5%.

  1. Predict match results: Total prize 250,000,000 VNDC

After the match ends, the Top 5 eligible players who correctly predict the result earliest will instantly receive 01 voucher for Future trading fee reduction worth 1,000,000 VND. Total: 51 matches. 

Event Information

  • Start Time: June 14, 2024
  • Main Activity: Predict the outcome of matches and the winner of Euro 2024.
  • Eligibility: All ONUS users can participate.
  • Prize Conditions: To receive a prize, players must complete all 3 tasks:
  1. Predict at least 10 matches

Matches will be open for prediction 24 hours before kickoff. Be sure to check the schedule to avoid missing any matches. There will be a total of 51 matches.

2. Refer 2 new friends to join the prediction

Use the link or image on the share button outside the main screen. Friends who register an account through the link or QR code and complete KYC verification will be counted as one new friend.

3. Share the Event on Facebook

Share the event content from the official ONUS Fan Page to your personal Facebook page.


  • You must keep your post up until the end of the program. ONUS will check for winners at the end of the event. If you win and remove the post before then, we may have to forfeit your prize.
  • Complete advanced KYC and become a trusted ONUS user to become an eligible player and qualify for prizes.

How to predict Euro 2024 with ONUS?

How to Predict the Euro 2024 Winner

S1: On the main Euro 2024 page, under the “Who will win Euro 2024?” section, select “Predict”.

S2: Choose the champion team from the list according to your prediction.

S3: Enter the number of people who predict the same as you and select “Save Prediction”.

Once you’ve predicted the champion team or the scores of the matches, you can share your predictions with your friends on social media or other messaging platforms. By sharing your predictions, you can encourage your friends to join the game and make their own predictions.

How to Predict Match Results

S1: On the main Euro 2024 page, scroll down to the “Match” section.

S2: Find the match you want to predict the score for and select “Predict”.

S3: Enter your predicted score and select “Save Prediction”.

How to Invite New Friends to Join the Prediction

S1: On the main Euro 2024 page, select the “Add New Friend” icon.

S2: Copy the link to share with your friends. When your friends register an account through the link and complete KYC verification, they will be counted as a valid new friend.

How to Share the Event on Facebook

S1: On the main Euro 2024 page, select “Share” in the 3 tasks section.

S2: The system will automatically redirect you to Facebook, where you need to share this post on your personal page in Public mode.