ZK Maintenance for Conversion to ZKJ

According to a recent announcement from Polyhedra, the Polyhedra Network project will be rebranding from Polyhedra Network (ZK) to Polyhedra Network (ZKJ). All ZK tokens will be converted to ZKJ tokens at a ratio of 1 : 1 (1 ZK = 1 ZKJ).

To aid in this conversion, ONUS has halted all trading in ZK assets, including Trade and Off-chain transactions.

All features for ZKJ assets are expected to be reopened once the conversion is complete. ONUS will make a specific announcement.

* Update: From 07:00 UTC on June 17, 2024, the ZK to ZKJ conversion process has been officially completed. Users can resume all functionalities for ZKJ assets.

Best regards,

ONUS team.