Basic Guide 04: How to Make Passive Income with ONUS

On the ONUS app, there are numerous opportunities to increase profits. Basic Guide 04 will walk you through some of the simplest methods that anyone may begin experiencing profitability with ONUS today.

Earn interests every day with Staking Daily

Staking Daily is a feature that allows you to receive daily interests through storing digital assets on the ONUS application.

For example, if you have from 50,000 VNDC on ONUS, you will earn compound interest at a rate of 12.79 percent per year, which is equivalent to 0.033% per day. The interest is paid daily and can be withdrawn at any time. Alternatively, if you store 10 USDT or more on ONUS, you will be paid daily interest of up to 6.2 percent for demand – a competitive rate compared to other platforms.

ONUS currently pays out Staking bonuses for nearly 30 popular assets, including BTC, ETH, USDT, BUSD, XRP, SOL, BNB, DOGE, MBOX, RACA, and the list is constantly growing. As a result, you can place these assets in safe storage at ONUS and be rewarded with competitive rates and, more importantly, without any term.

Get rewarded with Farming

Farming is a feature that enables users to deposit (stake) assets into Farming Pools in exchange for rewards at the Pool’s stated rate.

When assets are added to the Farming Pool, they will be locked for a specified period. The Farming option typically has a better payoff level than Staking Daily. For further information, please check the “Farming” feature on ONUS.

Take part in ONUS Shares 

The ONUS Shares feature maximizes revenues for consumers who own ONUS tokens by allocating profits from ONUS business activities to ONUS shareholders. Specifically, when users deposit ONUS tokens to join ONUS Shares, they will gain a slew of privileges and benefits to aid in asset growth.

The following are some straightforward methods for maximizing your profit margins with ONUS. Go for Basic Guide 05: Buy, sell, and manage your digital assets to enrich your investment experience and increase your earning potential.

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