Basic Guide 05: Buy, sell and manage digital assets

ONUS makes it easy for you to buy/sell digital assets and manage your portfolio. On the ONUS app, you can currently buy and sell Bitcoin and over 200 other popular digital assets, as well as easily track profit and loss and manage costs.

1. Buy and sell digital assets

  • At the Invest feature, choose the digital asset you want to make a Buy/Sell transaction.
  • Press “Buy” and enter the desired quantity (Exchange) to make the purchase.
  • Similarly, press “Sell” and enter the quantity to make a sale.

2. Monitor profit/loss

After purchasing and acquiring your first digital assets, you’ll want to keep track of whether the investment is profitable or making a loss and by what percentage. ONUS has a tool to assist you!

The Invest feature allows you to manage your entire asset portfolio:

  • Examine how your assets are allocated.
  • On ONUS, you can view your account’s overall profit/loss report.
  • Monitor the profit/loss ratio and volume of each asset in real-time.

3. Initialize and manage capital cost

Knowing the cost of capital is essential for making accurate investment decisions.

ONUS has developed a toolkit that automatically evaluates the cost and profit/loss for each digital asset owned by a customer. You can easily monitor automatically updated investment results and proactively initialize cost prices based on your assets’ actual fluctuations.

4. Helpful resources

In addition to the main features mentioned above, ONUS has been putting in place helpful tools to help you invest more effectively.

  • If you are new to the market, ONUS recommends trading only digital assets in the Top 100 category (a category in the Invest feature). These are assets selected by ONUS for customers to refer to in order to reduce risks.
  • Follow the market at or through the app’s Invest feature.
  • Learn more about each digital asset at, or use the app to read more information about each coin or token.
  • Join the ONUS user community on Facebook, Telegram, and Twitter to chat, get help, and stay updated on the latest ONUS news.
  • Subscribe to Launchpad programs to get early access to purchase digital assets (IEOs) with significant growth potential.
  • There are options to monitor the market and manage assets in two major base currencies: VNDC and USDT.

As a result, you have the practical tools needed to be prepared to invest. Watch next: Basic Guide 06: Optimizing investment capital with Credit Line