Basic Guide 10: Become a Business Partner

After you have been with ONUS for a while and have seen the value it brings to the community, you’ll want to spread the word about it to more people. Because ONUS encourages a fair system of investment opportunities for everyone, there are still many people out there who have needs but have not yet approached ONUS.

When you are ready to become an ambassador to spread ONUS products to the community while also having an additional source of income, it is time to become an “ONUS Business Partner.”

Who is our Business Partner?

“Every individual, business, or organization that becomes a business partner will also represent as an ONUS ambassador, contributing to the revolution of ONUS.”

Business partners are the first users to try out the product and new features of ONUS, assess the product’s quality and value, and then introduce it to other users.

New users will be supported by Business Partners from the moment they register an account to the next steps as they learn each of the tools ONUS offers in turn, and then know how to flexibly combine the features to achieve investment goals.

Benefits for Business Partners

As a Business Partner, you will play an essential role in ONUS’s growth.

In response to the contributions of the business partners community, ONUS continues to implement different and appealing profit share programs:

  • Commission for KYC and referral bonus.
  • Daily Commission on Staking (receive daily interest).
  • Offers and commissions on credit lines.
  • Offers and commissions on ONUS Exchange.
  • Commissions on deposits and withdrawals.

Along with numerous other incentives and benefits, you can find out more details at: ONUS Partner Program.

Conditions to become a Business Partner

To become an ONUS Business Partner, you must first verify your account and deposit a minimum number of ONUS tokens matching your partner level.

To register, navigate to the application’s Business Partner section. To read more, press “Learn more about our Partner policy.” To view the terms and conditions of registration and upgrade to a Business Partner, click “Upgrade Now.”

We hope that you will enjoy your time with ONUS!

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