BinaryX (BNX) maintenance to split

Based on the latest announcement from the Binance exchange – where ONUS takes liquidity for BinaryX (BNX), BinaryX (BNX) will perform a token split and migrate to the new BNX in the ratio 1:100 (1 old BNX = 100 new BNX).

To support this token split, ONUS has halted all features for BNX assets, including: Off-chain, Exchange.

Maintenance time: From 03:00 AM UTC on February 16

After the maintenance period: 

  • The entire amount of BNX in circulation before 03:00 AM on February 16 will be converted to new BNX tokens at a ratio of 1:100 (1 old BNX = 100 new BNX).
  • Customers who buy BNX after 03:00 AM UTC on February 16 will keep the amount of tokens purchased.
  • All features of BNX assets are expected to be reopened at 08:00 AM UTC on February 24.

About BinaryX and token BNX

BinaryX is a GameFi ecosystem behind CyberDragon, a Play-to-Earn game on the BNB Chain. Initially, BinaryX was a decentralized derivative trading protocol but has since changed its concept to accommodate the boom in the GameFi sector. BinaryX’s ambition is to become the No. 1 GameFi platform while helping blockchain technology be more widely adopted in the video game industry.

BNX is a native token of the BinaryX ecosystem, operating on BNB Chain according to the BEP20 standard, and can be for the following purposes:

  • Participate in community governance and vote on game-related changes
  • Hold BNX to get the Airdrop reward
  • Pay BNX for some activities in the game such as buying heroes, forging equipment,…