Close Staking Daily for LUNA token

Recently, ONUS has paid Staking Daily interest for LUNA token with a profit rate of 3% per year. After re-evaluating the operation situation of Terra (LUNA), starting today May 13, 2022, ONUS officially stopped paying daily interest for this asset.

Users can consider other assets with attractive Staking rates such as VNDC (APY 12.8%), USDT (APY 6.2%), BNB and BUSD (APY 6.2%),… See details of interest rates and estimated rewards by day/month/year at the Staking feature on the ONUS app.

About Staking Daily

Staking Daily is a utility that allows users to receive interest up to 0.033% after 0:00 UTC+7 every day when holding specific tokens with a set minimum amount. This feature is automatically applied to all customers who own the number of tokens on the list.

Currently, you can receive daily interest when holding assets like VNDC, USDT, BNB, BTC, KAI, RICE,… For VNDC assets, you can earn compound interest at a rate of 12.79% per year, which is a very favorable rate compared to bank deposit interest rates.