Complete Conversion of EPS to EPX

According to the announcement of Ellipsis, this project has made the redenomination and conversion from EPS to EPX.

To aid in this transition, ONUS has halted all trading in EPS assets including Off-chain and Exchange. Now, the conversion is complete. The entire amount of EPS tokens you store on the ONUS app is automatically converted to EPX tokens at a ratio of 1:88 (1 EPS = 88 EPX).

Starting from May 23rd, ONUS has reopened all features for EPX tokens, including Off-chain and Exchange.

About Ellipsis and EPX Token

Ellipsis is an authorized fork of Curve, created and developed by the world’s leading financial experts and developers. Ellipsis is designed to be a decentralized exchange that allows the exchange of stablecoins at the lowest cost on the Binance Smart Chain platform. EPX is a utility token of the Ellipsis ecosystem, operating on the Binance Smart Chain platform according to BEP20 standards and used for the following purposes as rewards for liquidity providers, or paying Staking rewards and Airdrop.