Conversion Completed, Enable On-chain transaction for RICE via ERC20

According to the announcement of Rice Wallet, this project will change the Smart Contract address of the RICE Token on the Ethereum network (ERC20).

In response to the conversion, ONUS has closed all On-chain transactions for RICE over Ethereum (ERC20) network. Now, the conversion is complete. Starting from 3:15 UTC, January 28th, ONUS has reopened On-chain transactions for RICE via the Ethereum network (ERC20).


  • On the ONUS application, all RICE tokens (old Smart Contract) have been converted to RICE tokens (new Smart Contract) at the ratio of 1:1.
  • RICE tokens (ERC20) being stored on other platforms need to be sent On-chain to ONUS to be automatically converted to new tokens at a ratio of 1:1 within 30 days of notification. After this time, please send a ticket for further support.

Old Smart Contract address: 0xbcd515d6c5de70d3a31d999a7fa6a299657de294

New Smart Contract address: 0xa64c3a85ddc4cd351eeb7aecebc6a44a64a76392

About Rice Wallet and RICE token

Rice Wallet is a decentralized financial application that allows users to store and manage digital assets. At the same time, Rice Wallet makes it easier for investors to access the decentralized finance (DeFi) market through carefully selected financial applications (DApps) and intelligent UI/UX optimization: Stake, Swap, Invest, Pool… The Rice Wallet is oriented to be a product that helps customers explore the entire DeFi market from a single app. RICE Token is a utility token built for use in the Rice Wallet application and the Rice Finance decentralized financial ecosystem.