Coversion plan of MAN token to ONUS token

Today, July 25, 2022, ONUS officially completed the acquisition of 100MAN, thereby expanding the user community and continuing to develop accumulation products with attractive interest rates.

To ensure the interests of investors, ONUS converts the entire amount of MAN tokens that users own to ONUS tokens.

Rate at the time of conversion: 1 MAN = 0.01 ONUS (1 MAN = 123 VNDC; 1 ONUS = 12,174)

ONUS will perform the MAN to ONUS conversion as follows:

  • 04:35  UTC on July 25th: Suspend Exchange feature for MAN token.
  • 09:12 UTC on July 25th: Suspend Off-chain Transaction, On-chain Transaction, and P2P Trading for MAN. 
  • From 09:12 UTC on July 25th: The user’s entire amount of MAN automatically converted into ONUS according to the above rate. 

After the conversion is complete, the team will proceed to delist 100MAN tokens (MAN) on the ONUS app.