Enable Exchange for ONUS/USDT pair

Starting from November 16th, our team officially enabled the Exchange feature for ONUS with the base currency USDT.

Besides using VNDC to buy and sell ONUS tokens, users can now swap from USDT to ONUS and vice versa. To do this, please go to the settings, choose “Base Currency”, and then select USDT as the base currency.

Learn more about USDT as the base currency here.

About ONUS

ONUS Token is a utility token used in the entire ONUS ecosystem, including paying/reducing transaction fees, mortgage and repaying loans, participating in Staking/Farming, becoming a VIP user/business partner, participating in the program’s Launchpad, and voting on ONUS decisions.

ONUS’s smart contract has been thoroughly audited by Certik before officially deploying on blockchain networks: Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and KardiaChain.