Enable P2P Trading for PI

Today, January 27, 2022, ONUS opened the P2P trading feature for PI, allowing customers to easily place buy/sell orders for PI at your desired price. Investors can also match other users’ PI buy/sell orders through the ONUS app.

How to trade PI with P2P Trading

You can buy/sell PI according to your desired quantity and price, following these simple steps:

B1: At the main screen, select P2P

B2: Select the Buy tab to order PI (or select Sell to sell PI). Press the plus (+) icon to create a command.

B3: Enter the desired quantity and buying/selling price

B4: Confirm to complete

In addition, besides placing buy and sell orders yourself, you can also execute orders that have been created by other users.

About PI

Wrapped PI (PI) is a token built by the PiBrigde team as a mapping solution of the original Pi (from Pi Network). At the PiBridge ecosystem, Wrapped PI is used for a number of purposes such as 1:1 conversion with Pi, Farming, Staking for rewards, OTC trading and e-commerce.

Now you can buy/sell PI on ONUS app. Learn more about PI here.