Enhancing the Asset Storage System (ONUS Custody)

Dear Customer,

As announced, recently ONUS was affected by a large-scale cyber attack. Although the customer’s assets were not affected, to ensure further safety, ONUS immediately reviewed and made the necessary adjustments.

Specifically, ONUS has upgraded the entire ONUS Custody v2.0 asset storage system. The upgrade focuses on enhancing security, monitoring, and risk management for all assets stored by ONUS.

Starting 8h00 UTC December 28 , ONUS will officially be used on ONUS Custody 2.0.


– User assets are not affected after the upgrade process.

– The address for receiving On-chain will be changed to the new address in all assets. Customers should pay attention when receiving On-chain.

In order to help customers when facing the problem of sending assets to wrong address, ONUS will continue to support and automatically credit the cases of sending assets to the old wallet address for a period of 45 days. After this time, if you send the wrong property, please send a Ticket for support.

Best regards,

ONUS team.