How to earn with Staking on Dexance

After a time of research and development, Dexance has been officially integrated into the ONUS Chain network, providing a complete DeFi experience with a variety of features.

As a decentralized finance instrument, Dexance provides core features including AMM, NFT, Lending and Yield Farming. Thereby helping users access potential opportunities right on one platform.

With the first product launched by Dexance, Vault makes it easy for users to participate in Farming Pools in the ONUS Chain ecosystem with amazing APY.

The team will have detailed instructions on how to earn with Staking on Dexance via Metamask.

How to earn with Staking on Dexance vie Metamask

Metamask is a non-custodial wallet that allows users to integrate different networks and connect to Dapps in the ONUS Chain ecosystem.

To integrate the ONUS Chain network with Metamask wallet, refer to the following tutorial:

  • Step 1: Access and connect your wallet (ONUS Chain network).

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  • Step 2: Enter “Vault” and choose your Farming Pool.

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  • Step 3: Choose “Get LP Tokens” to add liquidity and get LP Tokens. Find out how to add liquidity at: If you already own LP Tokens, you can skip this step.

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  • Step 4: Choose “Deposit” to stake your LP Tokens.

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  • Step 5: Enter the amount of LP Tokens, select “Deposit”, confirm on your wallet and done.

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  • The reward from participating in Farming Pool on Dexance will be automatically added to the original amount of LP Token at the end of the day or when the user makes a Deposit.
  • Users will not have to pay gas fees for converting rewards into LP Tokens.

Through the above instructions, users have understood the details of Staking operations on Dexance and earn rewards with amazing APY.

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