Keep3rV1 Token (KP3R) is now available on ONUS

From January 25th, we officially list Keep3rV1 Token (KP3R) on the ONUS application. Soon after KP3R is added, users can perform the following features:

  • Off-chain transactions: Send and receive KP3R with other users in the ONUS network.
  • Exchange: Swap from VNDC or USDT to KP3R and vice versa.

About Keep3rV1

Keep3rV1 is a decentralized platform designed to facilitate the coordination between projects that need to source outside development operations and those that can provide those required services. The project was launched on the Ethereum mainnet in beta mode on Oct. 28, 2020, and was founded by Andre Cronje, the founder of DeFi project Yearn.Finance. Keep3rV1’s goal is to become a decentralized ecosystem for projects and developers to work together more efficiently. Keep3rV1 includes two components: 

  • Keeper is the term used to refer to an external person and/or team that executes a job.
  • Job is the term used to refer to a smart contract that wishes an external entity to perform an action.


What is KP3R Token?

KP3R is a native token of the Keep3rV1 ecosystem, operating on Ethereum according to ERC20 standard, and can be used to: 

  • Paying Keepers for executing tasks
  • Participating in protocol governance to vote on platform operations.
  • The more KP3R tokens users have, the higher their “reputation” in the space and as a result users can take on higher-end jobs with higher bonuses.


  • Name: Keep3rV1 Token
  • Symbol: KP3R
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Standard: ERC20
  • Type: Utility
  • Smart Contract Address: 0x1ceb5cb57c4d4e2b2433641b95dd330a33185a44