New Update: Credit Line v2

After a period of research, ONUS officially upgraded the operation mechanism of the Credit Line feature. The new update includes adjustments to interest collection, liquidation fees, interest commissions, and the addition of timely warnings for users.

Effective from 0:00 UTC+7 on October 14, 2022.

Adjustments to interest collection

Previously, if a customer had a loan and incurred interest, the system would collect interest by directly deducting the interest from the user’s main account. With the new update, Credit Line interest will be added directly to the user’s loan.

Liquidation policy

When the collateral value reaches 85% or more of the loan balance, the system will liquidate the collateral. This is the standard liquidation threshold used by most lending platforms and exchanges in the world.

In order to help customers be more proactive with their loans, the system will send alerts to customers via email and notify them on the application as soon as the value of the collateral reaches 75% (Margin Call) or more compared to the loan balance. Users can pay off part or all of the loan to avoid asset liquidation.


  • Loans created before the system upgrade will not be shown in the history in the new update. If the user needs to check the loan history, please submit a ticket for support.
  • In order to compensate for the risk that the loan may not be recovered when liquidated, ONUS will now collect a liquidation fee of 2% of the total loan balance when the loan is liquidated at the Credit Line feature.
  • With the new interest collection method, the interest commission will be paid to the business partner when the loan is closed (due to the user’s initiative to settle or the loan being liquidated).

About Credit Line

Credit Line is a feature that allows users to utilize their assets as collateral to obtain loans. The loan is disbursed in VNDC, with a loan limit of 30 – 60% depending on the type of collateral. When Credit Line v2 operates stably, ONUS will consider increasing the loan limit of the collaterals.

Thus, rather than having to sell your assets early to obtain capital and missing out on promising opportunities, users can obtain a quick loan with Credit Line to continue investing.

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