ONUS Leads Private Round for Open Meta Trade (OMT)

ONUS is pleased to announce that we has officially completed a private investment round in Open Meta Trade (OMT). 

Open Meta Trade is a non-custodial spot and futures trading platform deployed on three non-custodial networks, Arbitrum, ONUS Chain, and BSC. With low trading fees, no funding fees, and direct trading with a multi-asset liquidity pool provided by users, OMT provides users with a better trading experience and many opportunities to increase profits.

ONUS has not only invested financially, but also provided strong support for OMT in various aspects:

  • Infrastructure support: In addition to Arbitrum and BSC, Open Meta Trade is also being built on the ONUS Chain network. With rich experience in building derivative and DeFi products, ONUS is willing to provide the necessary resources to help OMT build its product and enhance its features.
  • Capital connection support: ONUS will support OMT in raising capital from large crypto and trading communities in Vietnam. ONUS will also deploy community fundraising rounds for OMT through the ONUS Launchpad platform.
  • Community support: With a community of 3.5 million ONUS application users and over 2 million wallet addresses operating on the ONUS Chain ecosystem, ONUS will be a significant launchpad to help OMT reach its target customers from the Launching phase.

ONUS believes that investing in OMT is a solid start for this product to access new markets and develop on a larger scale. In particular, ONUS also considers investing in OMT as a good opportunity to expand the ecosystem and diversify the experience for users of the ONUS Chain ecosystem.