ONUS Voting: Inspecting Minerva AI (MNAI)

Minerva AI (MNAI) project has passed the initial inspection of ONUS, and will officially enter the community inspection through ONUS Voting at 09:00 AM UTC today, September 07, 2023. If the Minerva AI project passes the Voting round, MNAI tokens will be distributed to the community through the ONUS Launchpad and Launchpool platforms.

  • Voting time: From 09:00 AM UTC on September 07, 2023 to 09:00 AM UTC on September 08, 2023.
  • In the ONUS Shares feature, you can find the Minerva AI (MNAI) project in the “Voting” section.
  • If the approval rate exceeds 50% at the end of the voting process, the project will be approved and distributed through ONUS Launchpad and Launchpool (*).
  • Conditions: You must be a member of ONUS Shares to follow and participate in the voting process. Voting Power is calculated according to your vONUS points.

(*) Launchpool is a form that allows users to stake ONUS or stablecoin to receive project tokens. Token stake will be locked for a short time; Project tokens will be paid periodically according to the vesting shedule of each project. More details will be announced if the project is passed the Voting round.

About Minerva AI and Token MNAI

Minerva is a cutting-edge platform that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to deliver exceptional trading signals to traders worldwide. With a focus on accuracy, timeliness, and profitability, Minerva provides unparalleled insights into the dynamic world of financial markets.

Powered by advanced AI algorithms, Minerva’s trading signals offer highly accurate and timely market analysis, empowering traders to make informed decisions with confidence. By identifying lucrative trading opportunities and minimizing risks, Minerva’s AI-driven signals have the potential to enhance profitability and optimize trading strategies.

The automatic trading signal system using the AI technology of the Minerva AI project has been integrated and utilized in the AI Bot feature on the ONUS application.

Learn more about Minerva AI: Website | Whitepaper

Join the Minerva AI Community: Telegram | Twitter

MNAI is the native token of the Minerva AI platform that empowers its holders with the following utilities:

  • Unlock trading signals: Tokens can be used to access and subscribe to AI-powered trading signals provided by Minerva.
  • Governance and Voting: Token holders may have the right to participate in the governance of the project, such as voting on important decisions or proposing improvements.
  • Staking and Rewards: Users can stake tokens to earn additional rewards, such as a share of transaction fees or a percentage of the trading profits generated by the AI algorithms.
  • Discount and benefits: Token holders receive discounts on subscription fee, access airdrops, or priority access to new features.


  • Name: Minerva AI
  • Ticker: MNAI
  • Platform: ONUS Chain
  • Token type: Utility
  • Total supply: 10,000,000 

Note: ONUS Launchpad is the platform to support projects with their first token sale to the community. Every project goes through an appraisal process from ONUS, ensuring users can access quality projects. However, due to the nature of the market, ONUS will not be liable for any property loss. Investors please learn carefully, make sure you understand the risks and be cautious when investing.