ONUS wins Crypto License in Poland

As part of its global expansion strategy, ONUS is attempting to build a trading platform in accordance with international standards while also applying for licenses for ONUS products in countries where ONUS users exist.

Today, ONUS is pleased to announce to its customers that ONUS legal team has completed the licensing application for the ONUS trading platform in the Polish People’s Republic. This license covers both the ONUS App and the ONUS Pro exchange.

License information

ONUS officially became a virtual currency service provider under license number RDWW-667 in Poland, effective from July 27, 2023.

This license allows ONUS to provide crypto-related services such as exchanging from cryptocurrency to fiat currency, exchanging between cryptocurrencies, and providing e-wallet services to customers within the Republic of Poland as well as customers worldwide (except for countries with their specific regulations) under the supervision of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority (PFSA).

See License at: ONUS License

About Poland

Poland is a civil law legal jurisdiction where crypto business activities, including mining, selling, and buying crypto assets, are regulated and controlled by the national government.

Since November 2021, digital asset sales have become a regulated business in Poland. Companies engaged in these activities must be registered with the State and require appropriate licenses. Registration is carried out in accordance with the requirements established by Polish law.