ONUS x Nami: USDT Futures Revenue Sharing

Officially launched on July 26, 2022, after nearly 4 weeks of implementation, the ONUS Futures USDT Futures product has recorded a trading volume of 116,265,234 USDT, the number of users participating in trading is 28,327 and the number of successful trading orders is 705,678 orders.

Despite these impressive numbers, the data shows that USDT Futures trading volume is still quite modest compared to VNDC Futures, resulting in revenue from transaction fees not exceeding the cost of operating the product.

Therefore, based on the analysis of the product’s effectiveness, the Nami Frame Futures project announced the revenue sharing mechanism from ONUS USDT Futures transaction fees with the NAO Governance pool as follows:

  • The mechanism of revenue sharing from USDT Futures trading fees will be activated from the moment the daily trading volume reaches 10 million USDT, the initial rate is 10% on the transaction fee
  • The share rate at 20% will be activated from the moment the daily trading volume reaches 20 million USDT
  • The project will not share revenue from USDT Futures trading fees with days with trading volume below 5 million USDT

See information about the NAO administration pool here.

With the goal of making information transparent and helping users easily track the effectiveness of ONUS USDT Futures products, from August 18, 2022, product information will be announced and updated by Nami Frame Futures project. continuously on the project’s website at: https://nao.namifutures.com/