ONUS x Run Together: 1000 NFT Boxes Open for Sale

Recently, ONUS cooperated with Run Together to launch the first sale of 1000 Boxes of NFT Shoes exclusively for ONUS business partners and users from VIP 3 and above. With the preferential price reduced by 10% compared to the listed price on the market, the sale was successfully held.

After listening to comments from the community and realizing that the demand for early ownership of NFT shoe boxes is still very large, ONUS and Run Together decided to launch the second sale with the scale of 1000 NFT Boxes exclusively for ONUS users.

Specifically, starting from May 2, all ONUS users can register to buy 4 types of NFT Shoe Boxes right on the ONUS app with a discount of 5% compared to the listed price. Users can pay directly on the app with USDT, VNDC, RUN or ONUS.

NFT Box Price List

There are four main types of shoes, designed for specific exercise intensity and with different properties. See the characteristics, strength and parameters of the shoes here.

How to buy 

Step 1: At the main screen, scroll down to the Features section and select Run Together.

Step 2: Select the quantity you want to buy. Select a payment method (pay in RUN, VNDC, USDT or ONUS). Click Buy.

Step 3: Check order information and click “Payment”.

Step 4: The system will notify the payment status.

By May 7, Run Together will launch the application (testnet version). You can register for an account to use, note that the Run Together registration email must match the ONUS registration email so that the system can send the Box. You will receive the Box on May 14, 2022.