Research about HeraSwap (HERA)

As the next DEX/AMM protocol built on the ONUS Chain network, HeraSwap helps users to exchange assets quickly at a low cost. Besides, HeraSwap also offers Farming Pools/Mining Pools with impressive APY and provides the following features:

Token Swap

HeraSwap allows users to trade without relying on a Centralized Exchange (DEX). Transactions on HeraSwap are very simple, you just need to connect your wallet to trade anytime, anywhere, without complicated procedures. With this feature, users can trade and exchange assets easily and quickly.

Each one of the swaps/trades on the platform will be taxed a 0.25% transaction fee, distributed as follows:

  • 0.05% – returned to the Liquidity Pool as incentivess for the Liquidity Provider
  • 0.15% – used to buy back and burn HERA tokens
  • 0.03% – contribution to USDO collateral
  • 0.02% – for developers HeraSwap

Add Liquidity

Any user can provide liquidity by adding holdings to liquidity pools on HeraSwap in exchange for attractive offers.

Example: You contribute ONUS and HERA tokens to Liquidity Pool, and you will earn HERA-ONUS LP tokens. The amount of LP tokens you earn is based on your contribution to the HERA-ONUS Liquidity Pool. you can also withdraw liquidity to redeem your assets at any time.

Yield Farming

HeraSwap Yield Farms mainly encourages users also to provide liquidity to DeFi projects, thereby ensuring ample liquidity and reasonable transaction costs for everyone.

This feature allows users to stake LP tokens in HeraSwap Yield Farm to increase earning potential through rewards with attractive APR.

Mining Pools

With Mining Pools, users can stake ONUS and HERA tokens to earn HERA or more tokens from partner projects. Staking options on HeraSwap are designed to increase stakeholder returns and keep protocol fees as low as possible.

With the above features, users can easily trade assets, generate passive income, and experience a complete DeFi space.

About Hera Token (HERA)

HERA is the main token of HeraSwap, used to:

  • Add liquidity
  • As a reward for liquidity providers
  • Stake and get rewarded with other assets

HERA token has no supply limit. Therefore, the project team intends to reduce tokenization by burning more tokens than the daily token generation. This leads to an increase in token prices, more users joining farming and providing liquidity, and attracting more users who want to stake and swap on HeraSwap.

HERA will be redeemed and burned using a 0.15% AMM fee.


  • Token Name: HeraSwap Token
  • Symbol: HERA
  • Platform: ONUS Chain
  • Token Type: Utility
  • Initial total supply: 750,000 MIA

HERA is expected to be listed in the form of a Fair Launch on 3 platforms: HeraSwap, MiaSwap and ONUS application. More details will be updated in the coming time.

The launch of HeraSwap will contribute to completing the ONUS Chain ecosystem, providing more ideal choices for users and creating a complete DeFi space.

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