Welcome Open Meta Trade to the ONUS Chain ecosystem

With the vision of bringing complete experiences and diverse choices to users when participating in the DeFi space, ONUS Chain is gradually integrating important DApps into the network.

As the first decentralized derivatives exchange in the ONUS Chain ecosystem, Open Meta Trade (OMT) allows users to trade BTC, ETH and popular coins derivatives with up to 50x leverage.

In addition, Open Meta Trade also owns a smart liquidity mechanism, allowing users to trade leverage and swap directly from the liquidity pool with low cost and zero slippage. Anyone can participate in the liquidity provision and share 70% of revenue from the platform.

With a user-friendly interface, innovative liquidity model and transparent mechanism, Open Meta Trade promise to bring the most complete decentralized derivatives trading experience to the users of the ONUS Chain ecosystem.

Open Meta Trade will soon launch the Testnet version in the upcoming time. All official information will be updated to the community through ONUS Chain channels.

Experience Open Meta Trade: https://omt.finance/

About Open Meta Trade

Open Meta Trade is a decentralized and transparent derivatives trading platform that launches on 3 networks: ONUS Chain, Arbitrum and BNB Chain. The project aims to be the leading solution for all traders who want to control their capital and enjoy the best Futures trading experience with the following advantages:

  • Low fees:

Open Meta Trade allows users to open and close positions with minimal spreads and almost zero price impact.

  • Abundant and multi-asset liquidity pool:

Every time a user provides assets to the liquidity pool, they will receive an equivalent amount of OLP. OLP is the index token representing Open Meta Trade’s liquidity. Liquidity providers can burn OLP to redeem any assets in the Pool. This makes it possible for OMT to ensure high-volume trading liquidity without affecting the price.

The liquidity pool includes margin coins, which can be: BTC, USDT, ETH, ONUS, VNDC, USDO.

  • Revenue is shared fairly:

100% of the revenue from the platform will be distributed to OLP and OMT stakers, of which 70% of revenue is shared with the liquidity providers and 30% to OMT stakers. This fee comes from market making, conversion fees and leveraged trading.

  • Reduce liquidation risks:

To get the most accurate price for each asset, Open Meta Trade uses aggregated on-chain data from reputable Oracles. This pricing mechanism minimizes the risk of positions being liquidated by temporary wicks – a problem encountered with most leveraged trading on centralized exchanges.

  • Multi-reward referral mechanism:

Anyone can become a Broker or Partner to earn attractive commissions and significantly reduce trading fees by referring new traders.

About OMT:

OMT is the utility and governance token of Open Meta Trade. Besides participating in voting on important proposals, OMT holders also receive 3 different rewards for staking OMT:

  • Escrowed OMT (esOMT):

Continue staking esOMT to earn rewards similar to staking OMT, or convert to OMT for trading using the Vesting function. When vesting is activated, the amount of OMT or OLP required to vest esOMT will be locked in the stake pool. In addition, esOMT is not transferable unless the user makes a full account transfer.

  • Multiplier Point:

This is the accrual factor that helps increase profit (APR) when receiving revenue sharing for OMT and esOMT stakers. When staking OMT, you will receive Multiplier Point with an annual percentage rate of 100%. Multiplier Points can be staked to boost the APR of the shared revenue in the OMT and esOMT stake pools.

  • 30% of revenue from the platform:

30% of all generated protocol fees are distributed to OMT stakers. These fees are collected from market making, swap fees, and leverage trading. This shared fee will be expressed as the APR of the OMT and esOMT stake pools.


  • Name: Open Meta Trade
  • Ticker: OMT
  • Platform: Arbitrum, ONUS Chain
  • Standard: ERC20
  • Token type: Utility, Governance
  • Total supply: 2,000,000 OMT

The launch of Open Meta Trade will be an important contribution to the completion of the ONUS Chain ecosystem, providing users with a flawless derivatives trading experience in the DeFi space.

Join the Open Meta Trade Community: https://t.me/omtdexchat